Moo Ki Do

Welcome to the Moo Ki Do Web site. Moo Ki Do is an Extrem Budo Federation, Corp Martial Arts School. This school will have a strong traditional Korean Taekwondo and a strong Shotokan Karate base. It will also be influnced by the White Crane Gung Fu style.

We are located at

511-C Eastern Blvd
Essex, MD 21221
Phone Number: (443) 982-6028

Our Grand Opening will be on March 1, 2016

The Extreme Budo Federation is honored that you took your time to visit this Web site. We look forward to helping you with your Martial Arts journey. Osu!

The Extreme Budo Federation and the Extreme Budo Federation's Moo Ki Do Web site will always be a work in progress.

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