1) Do I have to sign a contract?
A) No, we are not requiring students to sign a contract. We feel if you have an issue with the way we teach or if you encounter financial problems we are not going to legally tie you down with a contract.

2) What is the cost of classes?
A) Since we do not require contracts we offer three different types of payment options. When you first join you must pay for three or six months in advance. The cost is $80 per month for three months totalling $240. If you join for six months you get one month free. Which would be $400. We feel you need at least three months to get the basic concepts down. Once you take either the three month plan or the six month plan you can pay month by month. We also give one month class free for every paid referral a student makes.

3) What types of payments to you accept?
A) We accept, Cash, Checks, and all Major Cerdit/Debit cards?

4) How much do Introductory Lessons cost?
A) Introductory lessons are Free!

5) Can I get a refund?
A) In general we will not refund payments for classes. However if something happens beyond your control we will consider refunding any portion of payment that has not been use.

6) How much Martial Arts experience do the Instructors have?
A) The two head instructors have a combined teaching experience of over 80 years. With over 100 years total Martial Arts experience.

7) What groups of classes are taught?
A) We teach a preteen class ages 3 through 12, a teen class ages 13 through 18, a combined adult class, a class just for females, and a seniors class.

8) What are the class schedules?
A) That will be determined by the number of students in each class.

9) What are you open for business?
A) In general 9am to 10pm Monday through Saturday, and we have an open class from 10am through 6pm on Sundays.

10) What is your ranking system?
A) For the kyu/gup ranks it's white, yellow, orange, blue, purple, 3rd brown, 2nd brown, and 1st brown. For dan ranks we can promote 1st throught 7th dan Black Belt.

11) Do you teach anyone that comes in for lessons?
A) No, we have an extensive screening process and reserve the right not to teach certain individuals.

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