Requirements for Rank Advancement

Below are the requirements for each kyu/gup and dan degrees. The kyu/gup (colored belt) ranks go in order from white to yellow to orange to green to blue to purple to 3rd degree brown belt to 2nd degree brown belt to 1st degree brown belt. The dan (Black Belt) ranks go from 1st through 7th (7th dan is the highest rank we can promote to).

Belt Color RANK Syllabus
9th Kyu/Gup PDF
8th Kyu/Gup PDF
7th Kyu/Gup PDF
6th Kyu/Gup PDF
5th Kyu/Gup PDF
4th Kyu/Gup PDF
3rd Kyu/Gup PDF
2nd Kyu/Gup PDF
1st Kyu/Gup PDF
1st Degree Black PDF

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